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Karácsony Campaign Activist and Historian Ágnes Kelemen Expresses Support for Article Calling Israel “Apartheid”

Ágnes Kelemen, historian and ex-activist of the Karácsony Gergely campaign during the Budapest municipal elections(1) has publicly expressed her support for a Mérce article that raises a number of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist charges against Israel.

The article, written by Marxist anti-Israel philosopher Gáspár Miklós Tamás (TGM) writes as follows:

“Praise for the actions of the Israeli government – such as officially and legally declaring non-Jewish Israeli citizens second class citizens, not to mention the oppression and discrimination of Arab-Palestinians and the military-police ‘control’ of the occupied territories – is unacceptable, such like the support and praise for German neo-Fascists is unacceptable. (…) The founding of the State of Israel was a horrible, bloody story, just like the founding of every state (…) Support or apology for apartheid politics from any ethnic or other prejudice is a grave sin in our view.”(2)

The article also refers to Israel as a “monster state”.

As the Tutiblog blog section of the news portal Pesti Srácok has noticed, Kelemen has commented with her Facebook profile the following under the article:

“In this article TGM speaks from my heart. What is the most important for me is that it contains new approaches to a question (for me) about which I have thought a lot both as a Jew and a left-winger.”(3)

Kelemen is currently a fellow at the Masaryk Institute and Archives of the ASCR. Some of her publications include The Exiles of the Numerus Clausus in Italy published in Judaica Olomucensia and Leaving an Antisemitic Regime for a Fascist Country: The Hungarian Numerus Clausus Refugees in Italy, her MA Thesis.

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This article has been updated to include Kelemen’s role in the Karácsony campaign and her academic profile.

Pictured is Ágnes Kelemen. Source: CEU website