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Hungarian Spectrum’s Éva S. Balogh Omits Jobbik Candidate’s Neo-Nazi Past

Hungarian Spectrum’s Éva S. Balogh has written an article about the Dunaújváros by-election, but failed to mention the fact that the Jobbik candidate, supported by all parties of the Hungarian left-liberal opposition, wrote a letter in support of the neo-Nazi group Betyársereg in late 2018.(1)

Gergely Kálló, the Jobbik candidate for the Dunaújváros by-election, and vice president of the youth organisation of Jobbik, wrote in a December 2018 letter to the neo-Nazi organisation Betyársereg that “as I have said, our members (of the Jobbik youth group) and my immediate environment have tremendous respect for you and we will do everything so that no one may spark tensions between us.”(2)

Betyársereg has previously been labeled a “white supremacist, anti-Semitic” group by Euobserver.(3)

Balogh has written the following about Kálló:

“Since, according to a Fidesz decision, a person cannot be both a mayor and a member of parliament, Pintér resigned his seat in the House. His campaign manager, Gergely Kálló (Jobbik), was chosen to take up the challenge. Kálló is supported by Jobbik, DK, LMP, MSZP, Momentum, and Párbeszéd. In addition to Kálló, the far-right Mi Hazánk, a group called Tempo Párt, and three independents entered the race. Every week or so there was an article in one of the online news sites, remarking on the fact that Fidesz may not even try to run a candidate for the seat. According to an article in Index, Fidesz tried to find someone who would carry the party’s flag, but everybody turned them down. Finally, the party opted to support Tibor Molnár, one of the independent candidates who happens to be the mayor of Iváncsa, a nearby village. Kálló’s chances are apparently excellent. Local observers assume that, since there is no explicitly Fidesz candidate, Kálló may end up winning by a landslide.”

As one can clearly see from the text, nowhere does it mention the fact that Kálló has not long ago spoken of his “tremendous respect” for a neo-Nazi group.

Ironically, in a 2011 Balogh has already written about Betyársereg, rightly calling the organisation a “Hungarian Nazi group”, and lashing out at Hungarian media for not covering Betyársereg properly: “Let’s start with the shameful situation that the Hungarian press seems to be incapable of decent investigative journalism.”(4)

(2) In case the article gets deleted, see here: