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Jobbik-Affiliated Website Deletes 2014 Anti-Semitic Attack on Biden

Mandiner reports that Alfahír, a Jobbik-affiliated website has deleted an anti-Semitic article from 2014 that attacked President Elect of the United States Joe Biden.

In the original article, Jobbik politician Zoltán Balczó claimed that Biden was part of an international conspiracy against the far-right party.

The article included the following lines:

“Later, in an interview given to Shalom TV, he [Biden] called himself a convinced Zionist, adding: one does not have to be a Jew in order to be a Zionist. He emphasized that Israel is the greatest ally of the United States in the Middle East, and he also added that his son married a Jewish woman. […] Based on this we can clearly see: it was an American politician serving Israel who have order to [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán to make Jobbik disappear.”

The article included a picture of Biden standing in front of American and Israeli flags.

Mandiner adds that the recent deleting of the article probably reflects Jobbik’s efforts to whitewash its anti-Semitic and racist past.