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Left-Wing Journalist Likens Orthodox Rabbi to Communists

Gadó, who is Jewish himself, has drawn a clear parallel between Chabad Rabbi Slomó Köves and the Communist criminals who unlawfully executed Minister for the Interior László Rajk in 1949.

Editor of the Szombat Jewish monthly János Gadó writes: “This religious believer in the Messiah, Slomó Köves is basically in the place where his secular grandparents, also believers in the Messiah, were in 1949: he is cursing (Reform leader) András Heisler in a way like the latter cursed László Rajk.”(1)

In 2017 another opinion piece writer for Szombat,(2) Gábor Balázs has likened Chabad to “bolshevism”.

In an interview with the left-wing journalist Gábor Miklósi for the left-wing Index news portal, he said the following:

“While there is of course a huge moral difference between the two movements, in terms of methods, it helps our understanding if we compare Chabad to the Bolshevik movement. The Bolsheviks also did good things, they gave food to the poor, built schools, roads and published books”.(3)

Likening Jews and Judaism to Communist criminals and Communism are clearly anti-Semitic tropes and such journalistic behaviour has to be condemned, regardless of who is using them.