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Opposition Pundit Writes “Holocaust Was Not About Jews” On Auschwitz Liberation Memorial Day

Katalin Lukácsi, leading member of the anti-Orbán opposition movement “Movement for a Hungary for Everybody” has posted on Instagram on 27th January, memorial day for the liberation of Auschwitz.

Lukácsi writes:

“The Holocaust was not about Jews, but as a religious person, I don’t think it is an accident that it happened with the Jews. They followed their brother (Jesus) to the Golgotha.”(1)

Lukácsi has previously defended Jobbik mayor of Jászberény, Lóránt Budai.(2)

Budai has previously been exposed by Hungarian newspapers as having quoted Adolf Hitler on Facebook.(3)

She has also taken a picture with ex-mayor of Érpatak, Zoltán Mihály Orosz, who achieved international media attention in 2014 after hanging a doll picturing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.(2, 4)

The Movement for a Hungary for Everybody (Mindenki Magyarországa Mozgalom) is led by mayor of Hódmezővásárhely, Péter Márki-Zay.

Lukácsi also currently works as a pundit for far-right news portal Alfahír, financed by Jobbik.