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Left-Wing Press Fails to Report British Labour MP’s Anti-Semitism Scandals

Left-wing daily Népszava has recently written an article about Hungarian ambassador to the UK Ferenc Kumin getting into a debate about anti-Semitism in Hungary.

Népszava writes:

“Zarah Sultana held a speech in the parliament in Westminster on Holocaust memorial day, in which she mentioned among the examples of contemporary anti-Semitism the Hungary of Viktor Orbán. Based on her Twitter post on Monday the Hungarian ambassador in London has written an angry letter to her, demanding answers. The reply will hardly go into the golden book of Hungarian diplomacy. According to the letter of the Labour MP or Pakistani origins, representing South-Coventry, one cannot deny the well-documented facts about the anti-Semitism of the Hungarian government. Sultana noted that ambassador Kumin has omitted in his letter a fact that she mentioned ins her speech, namely that the Orbán-government is spreading conspiracy theories about Holocaust survivor George Soros.”(1)

The title of the article claims that Sultana has “corrected” the Hungarian ambassador.

This article has been reviewed by a number of other left-wing news portals.

Magyar Narancs gave the piece the title: “British MP about the anti-Semitism of the Orbán-system – the ambassador is angry”.(2)

Hírklikk wrote: “The 27 year old British MP severely criticised Orbán’s ambassador”.(3)

None of the above newspapers of news portals included the fact in their reporting that Sultana is a well-known anti-Semite and anti-Israel politician.

According to the British-Jewish website

– On an unknown date in March 2015, Zarah Sultana reportedly wrote on social media regarding a Jewish student who was attempting to stand as a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) student leader: “Everyone sees how problematic it is for white people to run for positions representing BME students. Except white people.”

– On an unknown date in 2016, Ms Sultana reportedly wrote on Facebook: “The Labour Right are scum and genuinely make me sick. Is there any form of discrimination that they won’t weaponise to politically point score like they’ve done in the past with antisemitism and now with homophobia?”

– On an unknown date, Ms Sultana reportedly wrote on Facebook, regarding a Jewish student who appears to have been standing as an Ethnic Minorities Officer in an NUS election: “I can’t believe this YT thinks she can represent us.” She subsequently reportedly wrote: “Yay, the white woman didn’t win the Ethnic Minorities Officer Election!”“YT” (phonetically ‘whitey’) is a slang expression for a white person often used in a pejorative manner by people who wish to stress their own non-white heritage.

– On an unknown date, Ms Sultana reportedly wrote: “Those within the student movement who go to Zionist conferences and trips should be ashamed of themselves. You’re advocating racist ideology.”

– On 14th November 2019, further comments made by Ms Sultana were exposed, in one tweet she wrote: “Speaking of history repeating itself, Jewish Holocaust 1939-1945 & Muslim Holocaust (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya etc) now? Mhm.”(4)