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Hungarian Spectrum Labels Pro-Israel Jewish Journalist “Far Right”

Éva S. Balogh, editor in chief of the website Hungarian Spectrum has written an article on a recent debate concerning a Turul statute in Budapest.

Citing Hungarian responses to the debate, she labeled Jewish journalist Bence Békés “far right” and even suggested that his “face” is “similar” to that of the “old crops of Nazis”.

Balogh wrote:

“The author of the article on the turul issue is Bence Békés, another far-right journalist who found a home at Kontra, where he has written about ten articles since November 2020.”

She later added:

“And yet, as another friend wrote right after viewing documentary, ‘what struck me most was the similarity of faces in the old and new crops of Nazis.'”(2)

Suggesting that a Jew looks like the Nazis of “old” is troubling, as it assumes that the “old” Nazis were “Jewish” themselves.

Bence Békés is a pro-Israel Jewish journalist born to a family of Holocaust survivors.(2)

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