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Shoah Movie By News Portal 444 Under Attack By Holocaust Scholars

Dániel Ács, journalist at has published a movie about Holocaust atrocities committed by Arrow Cross murderers during the 1944-45 siege of Budapest.(1)

The movie has received intense criticism by researchers of the period.

Especially questionable were the comments made in the movie by military historian and pundit Krisztián Ungváry.

Ungváry claimed in the movie “after 1948 the systematic persecution of Arrow Cross men stopped”. Ungváry has also claimed that the “(Jewish) populace of Budapest was not massacred by the Germans, not by a foreign power, but by Arrow Cross men”.(2)

The two statements came under attack by Holocaust historians László Karsai and Áron Máthé.

Karsai made clear that “those Arrow Cross men, who perpetrated anything, were brought to justice during the 1945-1948 processes by the people’s attorney and the people’s court “.(3)

Máthé wrote that “while the Arrow Cross men committed most of the atrocities in Budapest against Jews, the Germans themselves also committed such acts, for example during the ‘Small Warsaw’ in district VIII. of Budapest after 15th October 1944.”(4)

The Hungarian-Jewish anti-Semitism watchdog organisation Tett és Védelem Alapítvány (Action and Protection Foundation, TEV) has previously called out for its “antagonistic treatment of Israel”.(5)

Ungváry has previously called the Nazi German soldiers defending Budapest against the Soviet liberators “formal heroes”.(6)

In April 2018 Ungváry was asked the question whether it was acceptable to vote for the neo-Nazi party Jobbik in order to defeat PM Viktor Orbán. 

Ungváry answered: “(…) I believe that a voter feeling responsible for democracy must fight his negative feelings and vote for Jobbik, if Jobbik stands a chance (against the governing party candidate) in his or her electoral district”.(7)

Jobbik was lead at the time by well-known anti-Semite and racist Gábor Vona.

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