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Politician Elected With Jobbik Support Attacks Jewish Channel Ousted By Opposition Mayor

Heti TV, which calls itself the “only Jewish channel in Europe”, is a Jewish cable channel founded and edited by Jewish journalist Péter Breuer.

Péter Niedermüller, opposition (of the party DK) mayor of Budapest’s district VII. has recently threatened to remove Heti TV from the location which it is renting from the district.

Breuer has previously said that he was “fired” and that his channel will be “homeless”.(1)

Breuer has recently given an interview to the channel Hír TV in which he likened the mayor’s actions to pre-WWII anti-Jewish legislation.(2)

Opposition (DK) politician and social media influencer István Vágó, representative of the XII. district city council of Budapest, attacked Breuer for his suggestion, writing that

“Here is this man, whose channel (Heti TV) for known financial reasons cannot rent the place that it has previously used from the municipality of Erzséberváros (district VII.) with a discount. This he compares to the victims of the Holocaust, saying that he thinks what happened to him was like what happened in Germany in 1932 (!!!), which in the end led to mass murder because – he says – they (meaning Péter Niedermüller) are capable of anything, even shooting him on the street. Because they are anti-Semites, of course, or even ‘more’. He defiles the victims of the Holocaust with his cynicism.”(3)

Vágó himself has previously compared the barring of migrants on the Greek-Turkish border to the Kamenets-Podolsk mass execution that occurred against Hungarian Jews in 1941.(4)

Vágó was elected with the support of the neo-Nazi Jobbik party among others.(5)

In October 2019 Vágó has also been caught side-by-side with Jobbik politician György Szilágyi at a campaign event organised against the ruling Fidesz party of Viktor Orbán.(5)

Szilágyi has previously defended in the Hungarian parliament László Csatáry, the gendarmerie who was put on trial in 2013 for his role in the 1944 Hungarian deportations.(6)

In 2018 Vágó was caught saying on social media that “I have difficulty bearing the sight of Jews in kaftans and wearing payot”.(7)

Vágó has previously referenced the fact that his mother was a Holocaust survivor.(8)

As the MIMC Organization has already reported, Heti TV’s ousting and Breuer’s response to the events has also been ridiculed by the left-wing Telex news portal.(9)


Pictured is the 2019 campaign event with István Vágó fourth from the left, and György Szilágyi first from the right.