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444 Editor-In-Chief Péter Uj Uses Vile Anti-Semitic and Misogynistic Language In Leaked 2005 E-mail

In 2005 the National Radio and Television Committee (ORTT) has silenced Radio Tilos for three hours for having aired homophobic lyrics.

In a 2005 e-mail, now leaked to the Hungarian press, Péter Uj, then editor-in-chief of, now editor-in-chief of the left-wing news portal, has attacked ORTT’s decision as follows:

“On your knees, Arrow-Cross man, bend over / you will be punished in your a.s by the foreskin rabbi! / I heard yesterday in relevant judeopath (a wordplay on sociopath – Ed.) circles that this sh.tty Diána Bácsfi is a newbie Jew, like Alby Szabó, changed her family name from as.sburger! (a wordplay on Jewish family names often ending with -berg or -burger – Ed.). Jewish or not, she is a f.cking disgusting cockroach, I couldn’t her in the a.s even with 1 kilograms of cocaine, even if she bent over (…)”.(1)

Here Uj suggests that two far-right activists, Diána Bácsfi and Albert Szabó, were Jewish.

In fact, there is absolutely no proof that either activists were Jews or of Jewish descent.

The lines appear to be a quotation of unknown origins, but Uj included them in his letter without voicing disapproval and after being confronted with the quotations, he did not offer an explanation.

The letter was published by the news portal Pesti Srácok.

Uj was asked about his leaked e-mail by journalist Dániel Bohár.

According to the article by Pesti Srácok, Uj claimed that “he does not clearly remember the letter, but he wrote it to people, who know him, and who know that ‘he tends to joke about a lot of things.'”

The Hungarian-Jewish anti-Semitism watchdog organisation Tett és Védelem Alapítvány (Action and Protection Foundation, TEV) has previously called out for its “antagonistic treatment of Israel”.(2)

In one memorable case, 444 journalist Pál Dániel Rényi wrote an article titled “‘This is a great day for Israel and Jerusalem’ – said Netanyahu in his speech, while clashes in Gaza produced 500 dead”.(3)

As TEV has pointed out in its report, the article itself claimed that there were only 50 casualties on the Palestinian side, therefore Rényi has significantly exaggerated the number of the dead in the title.(2)

The article has later been corrected. was the 13th most frequented Hungarian website in October 2020.(4)


Pictured is 444 editor-in-chief Péter Uj. Source: Facebook