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Opposition Pundit Róbert Puzsér Defends 444 Editor-in-Chief’s anti-Semitic Comments

Róbert Puzsér, opposition pundit and ex-candidate in the Budapest chief mayoral elections defended the anti-Semitic comments of 444 editor-in-chief Péter Uj in an opinion piece written for the left-wing website Hírklikk.(1)

Puzsér wrote:

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in these sentences (…) Péter Uj should be proud that back in 2005 this spirit was still alive in the editorial office of Index (…) The language that Péter Uj used in 2005 is the language of 1968, the language of liberalism, the language of liberty (…) Péter Uj (…) is the victim of verbal terrorism”.

A few days ago the news portal Pesti Srácok has uncovered that in a 2005 e-mail Uj used anti-Semitic and and misogynistic language.(2)

In the e-mail Uj wrote:

“On your knees, Arrow-Cross man, bend over / you will be punished in your a.s by the foreskin rabbi! / I heard yesterday in relevant judeopath (a wordplay on sociopath – Ed.) circles that this sh.tty Diána Bácsfi is a newbie Jew, like Alby Szabó, changed her family name from as.sburger! (a wordplay on Jewish family names often ending with -berg or -burger – Ed.). Jewish or not, she is a f.cking disgusting cockroach, I couldn’t her in the a.s even with 1 kilograms of cocaine, even if she bent over (…)”.

When confronted with the contents of the 2005 e-mail on the phone, Uj said that he was “joking”.

Since then, and since the publication of Puzsér’s piece, more anti-Semitic and homophobic e-mails emerged from Uj.

In a 2008 e-mail Uj sent out invitations to colleagues for a garden party, and in the subject field he wrote: “Not interested in Jews and f.ggots.”


Pictured is Róbert Puzsér. Source: Facebook