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Posted By MIMC
DW Apologises for Manipulated Anti-Semitism Report

As the MIMC Organization has already reported, the German public state owned channel DW published a manipulated report about Hungarian anti-Semitism. Now DW has published an apology for the manipulated piece.

Index reports that Christoph Jumpelt, spokesman of DW has declared in reply to overwhelming criticism from Hungary that it was not their intention to misrepresent historical connections and since then the report has been updated with an editorial note declaring that Nazi Germany was responsible for the deportation and murder of Hungarian Jews.(2)

Other news portals, however, like the Hungarian Spectrum, edited by Éva S. Balogh, have publicly stood by the manipulated report.(3)

As the MIMC Organization has already pointed out, the Hungarian-Jewish news portal Neokohn has reached one of the Jewish persons interviewed in the original DW report, who confirmed that DW has not been open to him about the subject of the report and has manipulated his words.(1)