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Szombat Omits Controversial Lines From Mazsihisz Pres András Heisler’s Jpost Op-Ed

President of Mazsihisz (an umbrella organisation of Hungarian Jewish communities) András Heisler has recently written an op-ed for the Jerusalem Post about the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the piece Heisler says among others:

“My daily experience as a Hungarian Jewish leader is that it is a very difficult task to bring about the vaccination of the largest Jewish community in Central-Eastern Europe. This population is comprised of one hundred thousand persons who are resistant to the idea of protections from the pandemic.”(1)

This line has drawn angry comments from Hungarian Jews on Facebook who wrote that they inquired about vaccination at the Mazsihisz hospital but received no reply.

Szombat, a left-wing Jewish monthly has translated parts of Heisler’s article but omitted the controversial lines.(2)

Szombat has a long history of omitting facts or lines not fitting into the newspaper’s narrative.

Last month the Israeli Embassy in Hungary has held a press conference where Ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman has expressed his gratitude to Hungarian FM Péter Szíjjártó for supporting the Israeli position against the ICC’s recent anti-Israel decision.

Szombat has quoted the press conference’s material from the Jewish news portal Neokohn, but omitted the words of thanks from the Israeli ambassador.(3).

Szombat is edited by Gábor Szántó T. and its opinion pieces are regularly written by János Gadó.