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RFE Hungary Writes Lopsided Report on Israeli Elections

RFE Hungary has published a report covering the recent Israeli national elections.(1)

Róbert Báthory made interviews with local Hungarian-Israelis, supposedly both right and left wing, but only gave extensive quotes to the left wing interviewees.

Later on he wrote as follows:

“According to the deal made between members of the ruling coalition, Netanyahu was supposed to hand over power to his deputy, Benny Gantz in Autumn 2021. But in order to solidify his power, Netanyahu has managed, through various law making processes and political machinations, to set up a new election. He now has a chance to keep his power after 2021 with a fresh victory.”

In reality, Israel did not go into new elections because of any “law making processes and political machinations.”

All major Israeli newspapers agreed that new elections were needed because the Israeli government fell after Netanyahu’s Likud and Gantz’s Blue and White could not agree on a state budget in the set time frame.

In fact, the Times of Israel reported on 17th October 2020:

“This week, Channel 13 reported that Gantz will not agree to a further delay in passing the state budget, even if it means another national election. The unsourced report did not give further details, saying only that it was in response to its report Thursday that Likud MK and Netanyahu ally Shlomo Karhi is planning to introduce legislation that would grant another extension to the deadline.”(2)

Believing that Netanyahu was to blame for the fall of the government is of course a legitimate opinion, but Báthory presented it as a fact in a piece not listed in the “opinion” section, which, tellingly, RFE Hungary does not even have.