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Posted By MIMC
Neokohn Lambasts Flawed MTI Report

The Jewish news portal Neokohn has recently criticised Hungarian Telegraphic Agency (MTI) Jerusalem correspondent Zsuzsa Shiri’s faulty reporting on the 2021 Israeli elections.

As the MIMC Organisation has previously pointed out, Shiri’s reporting has contained a number of errors, mostly revolving around the allegiances of the Muslim Ra’am party.(1)

Neokohn wrote as follows:

“According to the Jerusalem correspondent of MTI, one week ago the opposition ‘won’ (in Israel), today ‘none of the opposing sides’ have majority. (…) The title of her previous article was ‘Final results: the parties demanding that Netanyahu go earn 61-59 victory’, and this narrative was taken over by almost the entire Hungarian press (…)”.(2)

Pro-Israel Facebook commenters under Neokohn’s article pointed out that they have long bemoaned the fact that MTI reports on Israel through narrow anti-Zionist lens.(3)

(3) Screenshots in possession of the MIMC Organisation