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Neokohn Collects 10 Biggest Lies of Left-Wing Szombat

Editor-in-chief of, András Jonatán Megyeri has published a long collection of left-wing Jewish weekly Szombat’s lies and distortions from the past few years.

Megyeri has collected Szombat’s ten biggest lies and distortions, which we are summarising below:

1. Calling Orthodox rabbi Slomó Köves and his grandparents “Communists”. As the MIMC Organisation has already pointed out, Szombat editor János Gadó has published a piece attacking rabbi Köves with unfounded charges of Communism in an early 2021 piece.

2. In Summer 2019 Szombat translated a piece by JTA, titled “In Hungary, some left-wing Jews ready to work with party led by former neo-Nazi”. Szombat has omitted a line from the report regarding Mazsihisz rabbi Zoltán Radnóti calling Hungarian Chabad leaders “Jobbik bashers.” Szombat has also changed the title of the article to “EMIH (Hungarian Chabad-affiliated organisation – Ed.) rabbi: the Orbán-government is close to ideal from a Jewish point of view”.

3. Defending Jobbik candidate and anti-Semite László Bíró. As the MIMC Organisation has also pointed out in its 2020 report, Szombat has not included full quotations of Bíró’s anti-Semitic remarks in its reports. The remarks have likely contributed to Bíró’s losing of the late 2020 Borsod by-election to Fidesz candidate Zsófia Koncz.

4. Failure to report the anti-Semitic scandals of ex-Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki. Mirkóczki, who is now independent mayor of the city of Eger, has previously made national news when an e-mail from him emerged in which he wrote the following: “I quote from the M1 TV’s news tonight: ‘in the short three years of the operation of the Auschwitz death camp, almost 2 million people were killed…’ This of course means that for three years every single day they killed and burned 2000 people! If they missed one day, the next day they had to kill 4000. This is very likely…”. Mirkóczki failed to apologise for his remarks. When right-wing channel Hír TV asked him about his comments, he said: “Sue me, I don’t know what to say”. Earlier this year is was also found that Mirkóczki’s one time assistant, Kristóf Hajnády has previously pictured himself in Auschwitz, showing the sign “V” with his hand, a sign of victory.

As Megyeri pointed out, Szombat has reported none of these scandals.

5. Szombat has previously attacked rival right-wing Jewish news portal Neokohn for having been critical of Catholic Pope Francis.

6. Megyeri tried to reply to this article, but his letter was not published by Szombat.

7. Szombat has published a long piece where they analysed the recent scandals of the neológ Mazsihisz Jewish congregation. Reflecting on charges that had been leveled against certain Mazsihisz rabbis, Szombat wrote that even if the serious allegations were true, the rabbis should remain in their communities because there are not enough rabbis in Hungary.

8. As the MIMC Organisation has already reported, and Megyeri also pointed out, Szombat has censored the thank you of Israeli ambassador to Hungary Yakov Hadas-Handelsman addressed to the Hungarian government.

9. As our organisation has also pointed out, Szombat has omitted a controversial line from Mazsihisz president András Heisler’s recent Jerusalem Post opinion piece. Heisler later claimed that his lines, alleging that most Hungarian Jews were against Covid-19 vaccinations, were simply a result of a mistranslation. The Jerusalem Post article remains, as of today, unchanged.

10. Szombat has failed to report in late 2020 that the Mazsihisz leader of the rural town of Miskolc, Péter Szlukovinyi, was fired from his position for having been found not Jewish.

The editors of Szombat have published a short reply to Megyeri, in which they wrote that they “obviously” don’t have to reply to Megyeri’s charges. The editor-in-chief of Szombat is writer Gábor Szántó T., who in 2017 has written an article detailing under what conditions he would accept the left-wing parties’ cooperation with the neo-Nazi Jobbik party.