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Posted By MIMC Journalist Jokes About Deporting Israelis During Gaza Conflict

Márton Bede, journalist for major left-wing news portal, has published a “joke” on his public Facebook profile during the 2021 May Gaza-Israeli conflict.

The joke says that:

“My solution is still the only viable one in the Middle East I believe. 1. The citizens of Israel, the Gaza district and Transjordan get 6 months to get the hell out. They can go wherever they want to go. 2. The empty area will be protected by the most modern military technology and an international peacekeeping army, stopping anyone from entering it again. This is it, you guys didn’t behave, I’ve had enough, time to go!”

Bede’s post was published merely a few days ahead of the 77th anniversary of the deportation of Hungarian Jewry to Auschwitz.

Bede’s post was “liked” by Telex journalist János Haász.

As reminds its readers, this is not the first time that Bede has published inflammatory articles. In 2016 Bede wrote an article calling disappeared reality star Fanni Novozánszki a “dirty”. Since then the Hungarian police has claimed that Novozánszki is probably dead. Bede’s article was removed, but has never apologised for its contents. regularly berates Hungarian politicians who criticise feminism.

As the MIMC Organisation has previously reported, a series of e-mails from the early 2000s have been uncovered from editor-in-chief Péter Uj, in which he had used vile anti-Semitic and homophobic tone. Journalist Recorded Running Away from Questions