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Szombat Editorial Board Member “Likes” Judenrat, Deportation Comments

Attila Novák, historian and editorial board member of the left-wing Jewish weekly Szombat has pressed the “like” button with his Facebook profile on a number of highly offensive remarks directed against Israelis, Orthodox Jews and Zionists.

As points out, recently left-wing journalist Márton Bede has published a joke about the deportation of Israelis during the Gaza conflict. The joke has sparked large outrage on Hungarian-Jewish Facebook forums. (The joke was also covered by the MIMC Organisation).

One reader defended Bede as follows: “Come on, this was just a joke, and not even a bad one”.

Novák has pressed “like” on the comment defending Bede’s vile joke.

Novák has also previously been caught liking a comment calling the Orthodox and Zionist journalists of “Judenrat.”

The Judenräte (German for Jewish Councils) were group established by Nazi Germany meant to facilitate the deportation of Jews. Their role is still highly debated today.

Here Novák can be seen liking the comment comparing Neokohn journalists to the Judenrat. Other comments and likes by non-public figures have been blackened out.


The Judenrat comment was also liked by Hungarian historian Miklós Konrád.

The article also mentions that Kidma, a Hungarian-Jewish organisation co-run by leading Mazsihisz member Ákos Nagy, has published a JStreet video on its Facebook page, one which mostly places the blame on Israel regarding the recent Gaza and Jerusalem conflict.

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