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Virág Gulyás: Don’t Fight Evil, Create Good

These are the words I was reading as Shabbat set in, and it made me wonder – writes MIMC Organisation founding member and social media activist Virág Gulyás on Israellycool.

After the last weeks, how can we not fight evil? Tell me how? How do we just surrender to a reality in which Jewish kids hide their kippah, in which the most amazing powerhouse woman in front of me tears up in a moment of hopelessness; in which me wearing a Star of David necklace is just as a target as someone who is not simply “Almost Jewish”?

You know, many times, I feel that the work we do in this niche – ensuring #NeverAgain – is perhaps a question of to where we put our attention. And I wrote about this before: If I were to take over the Facebook account of a friend, I might close the day with the notion that there is no antisemitism.

You know what I mean, right? We are all in our own echo chambers. I try to be open-minded. C’mon, I even attended Noam Chomsky’s lecture with 700 people in a keffiyeh and Palestinian flags around me chanting death to Israel. I even went and got kicked out from an event hosted by Linda Sarsour. I really do try not to be blindsided or too subjective driven by emotions.

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