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What Lies behind Hungary’s Blocking of EU Declaration on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On Tuesday, May 18 European Union foreign ministers held a special video conference on the ongoing events and confrontation between Israel and Palestine – writes Dávid Nagy on the website of Hungarian Conservative.

But reaching unanimity for a joint declaration calling for ceasefire and immediate stop of violence was failed after Hungary—as the only EU county—rejected the draft. Hungary’s veto has received many opposing domestic and international reactions, which is not surprising in the case of such a divisive conflict that seems to completely split countries, politicians, and the media.

Hungary’s intention, by refusing the EU declaration, was neither to obstruct peace and stability, nor to pull back humanitarian support for the victims of violence or limit Europe’s ability to exert influence in the region. In the press conference following the meeting, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borell—with some frustration failing to make a joint statement—outlined: ‘We condemn the rocket attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups on the Israeli territory, and we fully support Israel’s right to defense.’ But what was Hungary’s problem then?

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