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Posted By MIMC Runs Lopsided Piece On Jivara Al-Badri Arrest journalist Imola Kiss has published an especially one-sided piece on the recent Israeli arrest of Al Jazeera journalist Jivara Al-Badri in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarra district.

Kiss writes that “Israeli policemen started pushing her around”, and “when she reached for the cameraman accompanying her, they broke her camera.” Kiss also claims that the policemen did not allow Al-Badri to show her press card.

Later Al-Badri was released.

The article also includes images of Al-Badri being taken away by the Israeli police.

Footage from a different angle by DigFind, however, paints a different picture.

Here Al-Badri is seen not wearing a press card around her neck, and behaving violently with the Israeli border police.

These images seem to have been edited out by Al Jazeera. did not make efforts to present a balanced picture and merely took over the narrative of channel well-known for its anti-Semitic bias, financed by Qatar.

The MIMC Organisation has criticised a number of times in the past, see for example here and here. Journalist Jokes About Deporting Israelis During Gaza Conflict