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Journalist Compares Anti-Pedophilia Law to Holocaust

Dániel Szalay, editor-in-chief of, a news portal covering media-related news in Hungary, has compared recent anti-pedophilia laws in Hungary to the Holocaust.

Of the recent legislation that has the names of pedophiles listed and prohibits sharing with minors any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment, Szalay had this to say:

“During the times of Hitler, some groups had to wear the yellow star, and Jews could not be journalists. Then not long after came the death camps and gas chambers, genocide. Orbán and his ilk have voted today to hide gays from media. Even though their strong constitution was written by a gay man. (Today) there are no gas chambers, but there is a stripping of rights and incitement for hate. Everyone who had anything to do with this should feel ashamed! History is repeating itself.”