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Szombat Editor: The Hungarian Nation is Guilty of the Holocaust

The Danube Institute has held a conference titled “Anti-Semitism in Hungary: Appearance and Reality”.

One of the speakers was János Gadó, editor of the Jewish left-wing monthly Szombat.

In his speech made ostensibly in English, Gadó has accused the entire Hungarian nation – not the contemporary state or its leaders – of being guilty in Holocaust crimes:

he spoke of “crimes committed by these nations”.

He has also falsely claimed that all Western European countries have apologised for the Holocaust and for colonial crimes.

As it is well known, the Netherlands for example has only recently apologised for the Holocaust – with King Wilhelm Alexander blaming the Germans instead of the contemporary Dutch state – and PM Mark Rutte has made clear that he will not apologise for the crimes of the Dutch kingdom in colonialization.

Our review might have missed some points in Gadó’s lecture as his English was poor and difficult to understand.

The MIMC Organisation has previously criticised Szombat’s and Gadó’s journalistic conduct, see here, here and here.

Pictured is János Gadó during the conference of the Danube Institute. Source: YouTube

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