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Posted By MIMC
Mérték Media Monitor Lauds Antisemitic Website as an “Uncompromising” “Success Story”

Mérték Media Monitor, a left-wing media watchdog organisation has published an article listing supposedly independent media projects in Hungary.

Included on the list is Mérce, a rabidly anti-Israel and antisemitic far-left news portal.

The Hungarian-Jewish anti-Semitism watchdog organisation Tett és Védelem Alapítvány (Action and Protection Foundation, TEV) has previously compiled a report on Mérce’s coverage of Israel in 2018.

TEV reported as follows:

“(One Mérce article) called the Israeli governing parties ‘fanatics’, but did not stop there: the article said that since the foundation of Israel ‘a militarist regime has been in power behind the mask of liberal democracy’, its previous PMs – Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir – were ‘terrorists’, and since 1967 the country has been pursuing ‘ethnic cleansing’. (The author, Dániel) Vázsonyi has also written that Netanyahu should be put on trial in an international court for the ‘deportation’ of refugees, the ‘murder’ of innocent civilians and trading with ‘genocidal’ regimes and ‘illegal land grabbing’”.