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Yair Netanyahu: Viktor Orbán Stands Strongly with Israel

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Benjamin Netanyahu, ex-PM of Israel, wrote an article in Hebrew regarding the recent landslide victory of Hungarian right-wing PM Viktor Orbán.

Netanyahu hopes that after the recent victories of left-wing parties in the Western world, Orbán’s reelection will mark the return of right-wing parties into power.

Netanyahu named Viktor Orbán as one of the brightest conservative politicians in the world who opposes progressive ideas. “Orbán is a true friend of Israel who time and again has supported Israel in all European forums”.

The son of the ex-PM of Israel added: Orbán sees Israel as a model for right-wing countries and his good relations with Benjamin Netanyahu added to the strong alliance between the two countries.

In the rest of the article, Netanyahu wrote that the criticism of George Soros did not amount to antisemitism and that like Orbán, the other V4 countries stand strongly beside Israel.

Photo: YouTube