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MIMC Statement on CPAC Hungary, the American Jewish Committee and Antisemitism

The American Jewish Committee issued a communiqué with contradictory and weak arguments, notably in connection with the CPAC Hungary event in Hungary.

The American Jewish Committee accuses CPAC Hungary of inviting Zsolt Bayer, who according to their article is anti-Semitic, and whose invitation to the conference is therefore “unacceptable”.

Members of the MIMC Organization attended the CPAC Hungary conference, where no anti-Semitism was experienced, and several Israeli and Jewish participants spoke out against anti-Semitism. The event was opened by the blessing of Orthodox Rabbi Slomó Köves.

We have not seen any anti-Semitic remarks from Zsolt Bayer, he has already clarified his previous similar statements. His other statements are misinterpreted, but neither Bayer nor CPAC Hungary is responsible for this.

The American Jewish Committee should rather deal with its own problems.

As the 2016 article in the Jerusalem Post shows, the American Jewish Committee has set up a Muslim-Jewish Dialogue Group called the “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council,” for which an Islamist, anti-Semitic Muslim group, the Islamic Society of North America, has been asked as partner.

A quick online search has also shown that the American Jewish Committee has failed to criticise the neo-Nazi Jobbik party in recent years, even though the party has only one month ago sent a politician to the Hungarian parliament who has been videotaped giving a Nazi salute. The American Jewish Committee is silent about this, because said Jobbik politician is working against the governing Fidesz party and for the opposition.

The MIMC Organization encourages American Jewish organizations to engage in a calm, objective, fact-based dialogue, especially when it comes to Europe’s most Israeli-friendly government, the Hungarian government, and especially while Jews live in full security in Hungary, while in the United States the number of anti-Semitic incidents have reached an unprecedented record.