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Opposition supports pro-Hitler Jobbik politician

Once again, Jobbik is launching an extremist candidate: the party’s president in Szeged, Zoltán Komjáti, has previously applauded Hitler on his Facebook page – writes Délmagyar, a local paper.

With the support of the six left-wing opposition parties, Zoltán Komjáti will be a candidate for the “Association for Co-operation in Szeged” in the by-elections on June 26.

Komjáti is the president of Jobbik in Szeged.

László Botka, the left-wing mayor of Szeged, assured Komjáti of his support.

However, no mention was made of the fact that Komjati had once applauded Hitler on his Facebook page.

The number 88 symbolizes the infamous greeting of Nazi Germany, the phrase “Heil Hitler”. 8 denotes the eighth letter of the alphabet, i.e. H, so 88 means HH, i.e. Heil Hitler.

The right-wing politician commented the number on one of his photos on social media (see the picture above).

Apparently, Jobbik is not bothered that their local president is a politician supporting extremist ideas, and the members of the left-wing rainbow coalition and Mayor László Botka also support the candidate.

This is not surprising, as left-wing parties have previously turned a blind eye to the extremist, racist or anti-Semitic manifestations of a politician if their interests so wished.

(Photo: Origo)