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Posted By MIMC
MIMC Organization Statement Regarding the LIBE Draft Report

The European Parliament’s (EP) Home Affairs, Citizens’ Rights and Justice Committee (LIBE) issued a scandalous draft report, according to which, among other things, the rights of Jews are not guaranteed in Hungary, and so they are calling for the EU’s executive body not to approve the disbursement of covid recovery funds to Hungary from the EU fund.

The Hungarian-Israeli Media Center Organization (MIMC) considers this resolution outrageous and a false, in light of the fact that

  • recently, the supreme court of Greece decided not to allow kosher slaughter, which decision was evaluated by the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post as an attack on the Jewish community,
  • previously, the supreme court of the EU upheld the ban ordered in certain regions of Belgium, which forbade animals to be slaughtered without prior stunning, which also makes kosher slaughtering impossible,
  • 2,700 anti-Semitic incidents took place in Germany last year alone, and anti-Semitic atrocities reached unprecedented levels in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In Hungary, meanwhile, the safety of Jews is guaranteed, and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán defended kosher slaughter in a letter he sent to Yitzhak Herzog, the president of the Jewish Agency, in Jerusalem in January 2021.

During Orbán’s various terms, he donated significant sums for the renovation of synagogues not only in Hungary, but also in neighboring countries.

The MIMC calls on the LIBE committee to stop relativizing anti-Semitism, to do real research work in Hungary before the final adoption of its report and to focus on the real problems regarding the EU and Europe.