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Jewish Community in Ukraine: ‘Hungary has set an example in helping Ukrainians in need’

The President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine (FJCU), Rabbi Mayer Tzvi Stambler, has written a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán thanking Hungary for taking in Jewish refugees from Ukraine and expressing his hope that peace will soon be established in Ukraine – writes the Hungarian Conservative.

In Europe, terrifying and bloody war is raging and millions of people are forced to leave their homes in the hope that they will find a safer place and future. This is why we consider important that from the first moment of the crisis, Hungary has set an example in helping Ukrainians in need, including the member of the Jewish community, emphasized the rabbi.

In a time of instability and uncertainty, we need friends and mutual support more than anything else, he continued. Unfortunately, in recent times we see the Bible’s ominous prophecy come true.

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