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Israel’s 75th Anniversary in New York Celebrated Amidst Record High Levels of Anti-Semitism in the US

On 4 June, Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was painted blue and white in the annual Celebration of Israel Parade in which around 40,000 people too part to mark the 75th anniversary of Israel’s founding,

including Hungary’s Ambassador to the UN Zsuzsanna Horváth.

Since 1956, hundreds of thousands of people have come together annually to march in the JCRC-NY Celebrate Israel Parade, expressing their love and support for the State of Israel. The theme of this year’s parade was ‘Renewing the Hope,’ which called for unity in the face of the growing contentiousness surrounding the Israeli government’s judicial overhaul. In a video message about the parade, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called on participants to ‘walk together in solidarity and to remind themselves of the power of our unity and togetherness of the spirit of peace and fraternity, to build and to renew and to heal.’

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