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‘More Conservative Majority US States Should Follow the Example of Hungary and Israel’ – Yoram Hazony to The Rubin Report

Before coming to Budapest just over a month ago, Dave Rubin, the famous US conservative political commentator and host of The Rubin Report, had a 9-day trip in Israel. While there, he conducted an interview for The Rubin Reportwith Yoram Hazony, an Israeli philosopher and President of the Herzl Institute – the Hungarian Conservative reports.

The discussion focused on what the United States could learn from Israel. Hazony explained that despite the divisions in Israeli society, all citizens share a religious inheritance that centres around the biblical promise which, after 2000 years, Israel is fulfilling: ‘Even if they’re at the fartherest corner of the earth, God will bring them back to the Promise Land.’ He emphasised that the Israeli people are committed to defending and caring for their homeland thanks to this religious heritage. Hazony highlighted that this sense of purpose is what children grow up with, which shapes their identity, gives them strength, a sense of belonging,

and makes them morally more resilient.

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