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A Chilling Prediction: How A Hamas Victory Against Israel Would Affect Europe And Hungary

“The majority of the protesters are Arab, Palestinian, Muslims with a migrant background, who exploit the democratic values of our society to promote anti-democratic views and question the right to life of a people on the grounds of freedom of expression. This is unacceptable,” said Yacov-Hadas Handelsman, Israel’s Ambassador to Budapest, at a panel discussion at the opening ceremony of the academic year and the inauguration of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium’s training centre in Veszprém. He stressed that no one should think that this is just their fight: terrorists would start by destroying Israel, but then target the rest of the world, because that is how they interpret the prophecy.

“They don’t want to adapt to the civilisation of the Western world, which is now in danger. It is shocking that we are talking about Germany when we say that there are self-organised Sharia police roaming the streets and punishing anyone who does not live or behave according to Islamic rules. This is a consequence of migration,” Yacov-Hadas Handelsman pointed out. He confirmed that his country is more united than ever after the political turmoil, citing as an example even Orthodox Jews who have so far stayed away from the army but now are waiting to be drafted. The aim is clear: to destroy Hamas and free the hostages, who include Israelis aged between nine months and 84 years.

The moderator of the event, László Bernát Veszprémy, historian and editor-in-chief of, pointed out that even the signatories of the Abraham Accords also reacted in an anti-Israel way. Levente Benkő, former Hungarian ambassador to Israel, mentioned the story of the Gaza hospital as an example: “Before any evidence had been published, the international press immediately started writing about Israel’s responsibility and hundreds of dead. Imagine what else the governments of Arab countries close to Israel could have done when they were demonstrating against Israel in the streets after hearing such news.” Gladden Pappin, President of the Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs, recalled that it was shocking to see Hamas’ horrific acts being celebrated in European cities.

Source: Mandiner