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Russia Strikes Holocaust Memorial

Moscow has drawn fresh international condemnation after Ukraine said one of the Russian airstrikes hit near a historical memorial site where Nazis massacred tens of thousands of Jews during World War II – writes NBC.

Jewish groups around the world condemned the bombing, which Ukraine said hit the land beside Babi Yar, a Kyiv ravine where the Nazis killed an estimated 33,000 Jews in 1941.

For many, whether deliberate or not, these strikes exposed the absurdity of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that he launched the war to “denazify” Ukraine.

“Putin seeks to distort and manipulate the Holocaust to justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign democratic country,” the Holocaust Memorial Center said in a statement, calling the conflict “utterly abhorrent.” The statement added, “It is symbolic that he starts attacking Kyiv by bombing the site of the Babyn Yar, the biggest Nazi massacre.”

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Picture: Soviet POWs covering a mass grave after the Babi Yar massacre, October 1, 1941. Source: Wikipedia